Monday, December 8, 2014

Lights, Cookies, and the Christmas Spirit

Today's favorite moments included . . .

. . . seeing Christmas lights on some of the homes in our area.  I love how they impart colorful whimsy to any home they adorn, and my kids get pretty excited about them, too.

. . . decorating holiday cookies with Joy.

. . . making dinner for a friend who recently had a baby.

. . . wearing my red scarf.  Every girl likes to pretty now and then.

. . . watching the annual Christmas Devotional broadcast from Salt Lake.  The music and messages always warm my heart, and remind me of the true meaning and generous spirit of Christmas.  I especially loved Elder Christofferson's talk about a town who learned that a young boy  would die of leukemia before his favorite holidays, so they joined together to host Halloween, the boy's birthday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day all in one week of October.  The details of their impromptu holiday festivities for the boy and his family made me grin and cry at the same time.  The Devotional is one of my favorite Christmas traditions, and I love sharing it with my family.

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