Monday, March 9, 2015

A Trained Preschooler, a Cuddly Toddler, and a Nerf Herder

Today's favorite moments included . . .

. . . snuggling with sweet Baby Todd.  At 16 months of age, he won't be a baby much longer (siiiiigh).  I look forward to seeing his personality blossom in the coming years, but I will miss this sweet, simple age when children tend to be all snuggles and no issues.

. . . reading my reflections on Star Wars in a post I wrote while Anna was potty training the first time in 2013.  Is reading my own posts as tacky as laughing at my own jokes?  On second thought, don't answer that.

And another thing . . .

. . . in case you're wondering about Anna's potty training, I am grateful to report that it's going really well.  My last attempt over a year ago was an utter disaster, and I think it was because she wasn't developmentally ready to grasp the process.  This time she had a few accidents the first morning, but after that it just seemed to click.  She still has an accident every day or two, but for the most part she stays dry (even at night, most of the time) and takes the initiative to use the bathroom when she needs to.  In fact, she's so self-reliant  that I almost forget that I still ought to remind her now and then (which is probably a big reason she has occasional accidents).

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