Thursday, June 30, 2016

Costume Party, Watermelon Pizza, and Massive Dinner Fail

Today's not-so-favorite moments included . . .

. . . serving what turned out to be an utterly vile concoction for dinner tonight.  When I was young my mom sometimes served us Chinese food from a can, and I recall it being pretty good.  I saw that same can in the store this week and decided to serve it for dinner some evening when I was short on time.  Either the brand's recipe has changed drastically in the last twenty years, or my childhood memories of food are not to be trusted.  In any case, the kids decided they'd rather eat plain quinoa-rice or wheat bread than the ill-tasting mess in the pan.  I supplemented (and kind of apologized for the dinner fiasco) by serving extra dessert tonight.

Today's favorite moments included . . .

. . . Joy hosting a costume party for Daniel, Anna, and their favorite stuffed toys.  Coincidentally, a package from Red Grandma arrived right in the middle of the party.  It contained some patriotic shirts for the kids, red and blue glow sticks (which are also whistles, but it might be better if the kids didn't notice that), and a big bag of red, white, and blue Skittles.  We're saving the glow sticks and most of the candy until July 4th, but we decided that a few of the Skittles would make a nice addition to the party.

. . . discovering that our new town has the coolest public library ever.  They offer free weekly classes in yoga and tai chi, and they have a community garden out back that donates produce to a local food bank.  They also have a little garden-related class for kids each Thursday (we happened to arrive right before it started), and my kids got to go out and pick blackberries and blueberries to use as toppings on a slice of watermelon "pizza."  Then they went out and helped the teachers water the crops (except for Todd, who decided to stay inside where there was air conditioning).

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