Monday, November 16, 2015

Music and Alternative Basketball

Today's favorite moments included . . .

. . . practicing a Christmas song with a small choir.  I'm the weakest alto in the bunch, but it's still a pleasure to be part of a group making lovely music.

. . . trying to shoot a basket with a big purple ball that weighs about a tenth what a basketball does.  Joy wanted to see if it would get stuck in the net.  It did, so I heaved a soccer ball at it and successfully dislodged it on the first try.  Then Joy asked me to sink another purple ball basket so she could heave the soccer ball.  Each time it took me about eight tries to make a basket, but we were having so much fun that it didn't mind.  I reflected that I couldn't remember trying to get anything in a basketball hoop since PE class in junior high, when Mr. Frick taught us to shoot layups.  I liked Mr. Frick.  He was cool in a friendly sort of way.  It's weird to realize that he was probably younger then than I am now.

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