Saturday, October 20, 2007

Water For Thought*

OPTIMIST: The glass is half full.

PESSIMIST: The glass is half empty.

REALIST: The glass is.

IDEALIST: The glass should be full.

FEMINIST: My glass seems less full than HIS glass.


ANARCHIST: Break the glass!

CAPITALIST: Let's sell the glass.

CHEMIST: It's approximately 50% dihydrogen oxide, 40% nitrogen, and 10% oxygen.

*These quotes come from a shirt someone once gave my husband. Wish I could reproduce the cartoon faces that go with them - the environmentalist has really wild hair.


Phillip said...

If I had to choose the personality that best fits me, it'd probably be that of the chemist.

If you really think the cartoons on the shirt are so funny, why not post a picture of the front of the shirt? :)

Christine said...

That is pretty funny.

Serena said...

Hey, yeah we want to see the cartoons. haha

The Lind's said...

The feminist is my favorite. That makes me laugh! Fun shirt.