Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tempura and Baby Flutters

Today's not-so-favorite moments included . . .

. . . stepping outside.  The calendar says summer began last Friday, but the weather says it started this week.  Farewell to the temperate days and pleasantly chilly nights of mid-June.  Hello to the oven-like days of summer.  I'm looking forward to autumn.

Today's favorite moments included . . .

. . . the Primary president texting to say that she had set up chairs for tomorrow even though it's my turn to do it.  Bless her.

. . . smooching my sweetie.

. . . trying out a local Japanese restaurant with a little dining group I belong to.  Since I was the only one in the group who was fairly adept with chopsticks, my companions sometimes asked me what things were and how we were supposed to eat them.  I told them I had no clue about any of it, either.  Cross-cultural befuddlement aside, I loved the miso soup, the tempura, and just chatting with friends.

. . . Little Baby giving me tiny kicks now and then.  They're still just little flutters at this point--sweet reminders that Someone will be joining our family in a few months.  It's hard to believe that we're already halfway to delivery time.

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