Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Piano and the Telltale Cake

Today's favorite moments included . . .

. . . reflecting that, for all that our old car has a bunch of annoying little issues, at least the air conditioning works really well.  I'll take that over a working CD player any day of the summer.

. . . attending my third piano lesson.  The sessions are both gratifying and humbling, because there are always things that I do well, but there are also always things I need to improve.  What's more, the teacher warned me that Joy will probably play pieces the same way I do, so it would be best for me to iron out as many wrinkles in my own playing as I can.  Art really does imitate life.

. . . Phillip playing tag with the kids when we took a walk for our home evening activity.  They had a blast.

. . . baking a simple cake, and tinting the batter to announce our baby's gender to our kids (I had the big ultrasound this morning).  We told the big kids that when we sliced through the white frosting, if the cake was pink they'd be having a little sister, and if it was blue they would be having a little brother.  Both guessed it would be pink, but they were excited when I served up the first slice and it was bright blue.  Joy is especially pleased that Daniel will have a little brother to wrestle with, and she thanked me for breaking the news in a fun way.  The whole business went over Anna's head, but she appreciated the extra doses of sugar.

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