Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fellowship and a Fever

Today's not-so-favorite moments included . . .

. . .  poor Anna being under the weather.  It's nothing serious (a fever and runny nose), but she looks so forlorn and tired.  We put her to bed early, and she didn't mind in the slightest.

. . . being abruptly reminded that our aged circuit breaker can't handle both the microwave and the electric grill at the same time.

Today's favorite moments included . . .

. . . watching Cello Wars again.  The song is now quite firmly stuck in my head.  There are worse fates.

And another thing . . .

. . . I proposed that Phillip and I watch Fellowship of the Ring for our date night tonight.  I've been wanting to watch it for a while, but shortly after it began I realized that was because I remembered all the parts I love, and forgot that the other 85% of the film is sad or gives me the willies.

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