Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Goodbye Rolling Stones, Hello Robitussin

Today's not-so-favorite moments included . . .

. . .  waking up feeling like I'd been hit by a bus because I was so achy and congested.  If moms could call in sick, I totally would have done it today.

Today's favorite moments included . . .

. . . my sweet visiting teacher hearing I was sick and bringing over dinner.  She also took Joy to and from school.  Bless her.

. . . Anna feeling much better today.  She's her usual cheerful self again, and it was the first day she didn't wake from her nap with a fever.

. . . discovering that Robitussin DM is safe for pregnant ladies to take.  Yessss.

. . . sitting in the shade watching my kids play outside.

. . . seeing a few birds fluttering around in the courtyard.  I think they're looking for a place to build a nest.

. . . listening to good music.

. . . Phillip being home for dinner tonight.  He's been gone a lot lately because he's been singing back-up for the Rolling Stones.  No, seriously.  They use a choir for one of the numbers in their concerts, and when they were preparing to come to our area they contacted the university Phillip attends and asked if they could recruit a good choir for three concerts.  The experience was kinda cool, but it was also a big time commitment (Phillip had to arrive several hours early for sound checks, then attend the whole concert three times to sing in a number near the end).  We're glad to be getting our lives back to normal.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

The Rolling Stones thing is so cool and strange. I'm glad he got to do it. I bet is sounds really cool.

I don't know how you are sick and have the clarity of mind to write what you did on my blog this morning about the things we WANT to believe. It was awesome and won't leave my head. It gives a whole new take on Alma's "desire to believe" thing from ch. 32. The desire to believe is the first thing because it is everything. The Lord cannot work with us unless we want faith! Like Elder Holland's latest talk: LORD I BELIEVE; HELP THOU MY UNBELIEF.

I do hope you feel better soon, and want you to know that you have given me a wonderful gift today.

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

I don't know how I managed it, either, because as I try to think of a meaningful response to your comment nothing's coming. I guess you can thank God for my earlier comment, since I apparently didn't have much to do with it. :)

Either way, I'm glad it was meaningful for you.