Saturday, July 7, 2012

Swingin' & Cheatin'

Today's not-so-favorite moments included . . .

. . . trying to make popsicles with a maddeningly useless set of molds.  No matter how long (or short) I thaw the popsicles, the sticks always come out when I try to pull them out of the molds.  I finally tossed them today so I won't be tempted to use them again. Next time I'll just freeze popsicles in Dixie cups covered with foil, with popsicle sticks poked through.  Not quite as earth-friendly, but definitely more mom-friendly.

. . . Daniel making the same request over and over, as if asking for the tenth time will somehow change the fact that we are out of bread, or that I don't know where a particular toy is.

Today's favorite moments included . . .

. . . Anna happily kicking her feet as she rode in a swing at the park.

. . . talking with Joy about what temples are for.

. . . eating blueberry pancakes for dinner.  I love blueberry season.

. . . hearing Phillip laugh as he played with the big kids.

. . . hugging Daniel as he sat on my lap during family prayer.

And another thing . . .

. . . you might be a parent if you have intentionally looked at your child's Uno cards to help them win and end an interminably long game.

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