Friday, July 27, 2012

Whistling and Half Dome

Today's favorite moments included . . .

. . . reading books to Anna.

. . . my girls being so happy to see each other when they got up this morning.

. . . Anna grinning with delight as I whistled some Sibelius to her.  Daniel told me it was annoying and asked me to stop.  I tried whistling the Andy Griffith song instead, but he didn't go for that either.

. . . looking through our family history book with Daniel.  He liked seeing pictures Phillip and me at the temple, of Joy and himself as babies.  We need to make new book now that we have another little munchkin in the family.

. . . Phillip calling to announce that he was on the summit of Half Dome on his trip with the scouts.  I'm a little envious, but very happy for him, and touched that he thought to call and share the great news.

And another thing . . .

. . . "The days are long, but the years are short" (Somebody).

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