Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More Cuddles and a Divine Sense of Humor

Today's favorite moments included . . .

. . . cuddling Anna on my lap.  I know I said that yesterday, too, but it truly is one of the sweetest parts of my day.

And another thing . . .

. . . yesterday I reflected that, as a family, we would benefit from having a better sense of humor.  We take nearly everything SO seriously, and so many trivial things (a spilled drink, a dawdling child, three kids asking for different things at the same time) turn into stressful crises that I think could be avoided if we learned to just diffuse the situation with a simple chuckle.  A laugh has such power to communicate to yourself and others that little things really are little, and that you'll come through them just fine.

It's easier to contemplate such a change than to make it happen, though.  You strengthen your muscles by exercising and polish your piano skills by practicing, but what concrete, quantifiable thing can you do to improve your sense of humor?  I sat praying for help and guidance with this yesterday, but before I reached any conclusions one of the kids asked for help with something.  Soon I was caught up in the typical business of life, and after a little while I noticed I was happier than usual.  I had a smile on my face, and I was joking around with the kids.  I realized that I forgotten an important element of self-improvement: God's help.

God does expect us to work hard and do our part in life, but sometimes I forget that I don't have to accomplish herculean tasks with nothing but my own imperfect efforts.  I can accomplish so much more if I enlist my loving, infinitely capable Heavenly Father's assistance.  Thank Heaven.

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