Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Joy's Philanthropy and LOLA

Today's favorite moments included . . .

. . . actually making a grocery trip with all three kids.

. . . watching Little Old Lady A catch Little Old Lady B's grocery cart just as it was rolling away from LOLB's car, then LOLB reaching down to pick up LOLA's bag, which had fallen off of her walker. They agreed God had arranged for their paths to cross at just the right time. "You're an angel," said LOLB. LOLA replied, "No, you're angel--I can't bend down!"

. . . Joy deciding to donate $10 of the $20 she received for her birthday to the Church's Humanitarian Aid fund to help people "whose houses broke in earthquakes." She also opted to pay $2 in tithing, and when she noticed that the offering slip had an "other" category she wanted to donate $1 to that, too. We had to specify what "other" use we wanted the money put to, and I recalled that the prophet recently announced a new fund to help members attend the temple if they live far from one and lack the means to attend. Joy agreed that she'd like to donate to that cause, so that's what we did. She also spent $3.29 of her birthday money on a big tub of animal crackers at Trader Joe's today. Goodness only knows what she'll do with the last bit of cash in her pink purse.

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